Retreated tyres

CL Tyres is an official importer of retreaded tyres. We offer two options:

  • We can retread your own tyre casings;
  • Or you can buy a complete tyre including casing from us.



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CL Tyres has a privileged relationship with the Italian brand Marangoni, an absolute specialist in the retreading of tyres. Marangoni roughens up the old casing, applies new rubber to it and then places it into a mould, where the retreated tyre is finished under high pressure and temperature. Old tyres are thus retreaded for a much lower price, costing less than a set of brand-new tyres.

When your old tyres are worn out you don’t necessarily have to buy new ones!

Two systems are used for this: either you wait 4 to 6 weeks for your old tyres to return from their make-over or you sign up for an exchange system in which you trade in your old tyres for retreaded tyres on a different casing. If the casing of your old tyres can be retreaded then this will be credited to your account.

Did you know that Marangoni is the only supplier in the industry to offer a five-year guarantee on its retreaded tyres?

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