At CL Tyres customer service is paramount. It is not just about selling tyres, the after-sales service is equally important. Our service is based on three concepts: installation, repairs and follow-up.


CL Tyres offers two options for repairing damaged tyres. We visit the customer with our sophisticated equipment and repair minor damage on the spot. This limits the downtime of the machine to the absolute minimum.
If the damage is too significant to be repaired on the spot and the tread depth is still good enough to warrant heat vulcanising we will take the tyre with us to the CL Tyres workshop. Here we carefully examine the damage. If the damage is within the parameters a patch is applied in the tubeless layer which will reinforce the tyre. The tyre is then placed into an autoclave which ensures better adhesion thanks to the dry, hot air. The customer can thus be certain of a fast and qualitative repair of his tyres.
In case of a puncture we will make sure that your vehicle is operational again as soon as possible. In the case of minor damage the tyre can be repaired on site so you can resume work quickly. If the damage is such that vulcanisation is necessary we will install the spare tyre. If you do not have a spare tyre of your own we will make available a tyre from our stock until your tyre is reinstalled.



Naturally the tyres we sell are installed on your premises. This means you do not have to worry about getting your machines and vehicles to our workshop. We have specially equipped trucks for changing tires on your premises/site.


Custom advice and follow-up

CL Tyres’ greatest strength is that we provide custom advice. We always propose the most cost-effective solution to the customer, carefully weighing and considering all the parameters of each situation (industry, frequency of use and so on). By spot checking the tread depths of the tyre we can always predict when tyres will need replacing. This reporting is included for free in our service package.
Our service also means that CL Tyres delivers the tyres to the customer and if necessary installs the tyres on site. Leaving this task to specialists who have the right equipment available will significantly reduce the downtime of your machinery and save you costs.
We will also check the tyres we install every three months. This enables us to detect and repair problems before more damage is done. Naturally you will receive a report about this.

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