For versatility

Business Sector
Underground Mine / Quarry & Construction / Surface Mine

Loader / Load Haul Dump / Underground Truck / Drilling Jumbo / Articulated Dump Truck

About Tire

  • Applicable for loaders operating in quarries, mining for load and carry operations.

Technical Features

  • Unique non-directional traction pattern provides optimum traction and longer tread life.
  • Deep, cut-resistant tread and a multi-star construction make it suitable for multiple applications and conditions.
  • Deep tread helps resist cuts and impact damage.
  • Uniform groove depth provides consistent traction as the tire wears in moderate to severe conditions.
  • Groove stone ejectors provide better stone expulsion to protect belts from potential stone drilling damage and enhance casing durability.
  • Square shoulder design pushes debris aside, protecting the sidewall from cuts and damage.